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Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor spaces with our top-of-the-range outdoor blinds designed for the unique needs and aesthetics of Brisbane homes. Whether you’re keen to create a secluded sanctuary, shield your alfresco dining area from the elements, or add a layer of privacy, our varied selection of blinds offers the perfect blend of functionality and style to match any vision.

Redefine Comfort and Style Right in Your Backyard.

There is no need to compromise between elegance and practicality; you can have both with our premium outdoor roller blinds. Designed to offer exceptional weather protection and aesthetic appeal, these external roller blinds extend your living spaces into the outdoors. Turn your garden, patio, or deck into the go-to spot for relaxation or socialising, all while boosting your property’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Dive into Our Extensive Collection of Outdoor Blinds in Brisbane

Cafe Blinds

Enjoy a cuppa and a good book in your outdoor room with our Café Blinds. Manufactured with amazing quality fabrics, they offer both privacy and protection, making them a perfect addition to your outdoor areas in the Brisbane area. The lockable bottom bar ensures they stay in position even in the wind, offering an added advantage.


Zipscreens are a modern choice when seeking high-quality outdoor blinds. Tailored to offer excellent sun protection, these blinds can be customised to suit any outdoor area, large or small. The remote control system ensures easy operation and gives you complete control.

Multi-stop channel

The Multi-Stop Channel outdoor blinds are designed for versatility, allowing you to adjust visibility and airflow levels. These blinds operate on a unique system, letting you position them at different stop points with a simple twist, making them a flexible solution for various needs.

Crank operated

Easy operation meets style with our crank-operated outdoor blinds. Operate your blinds effortlessly with the simple turn of a crank handle, while the bottom rail ensures they stay suited to your desired position, adding value to your Brisbane home.


Ziptrack outdoor blinds offer the ultimate in hassle-free operation and weather protection. A lockable bottom bar keeps your outdoor areas usable year-round, such as decks and patios, whilst saving you from heat and insects.


Extend your outdoor area into a comfortable space with our versatile arm awnings. Perfectly suited for patios, decks, and balconies in Australia, they provide shade and operate on a unique system designed to protect you from sun and heat.

Wire glide blind

For those who favour a minimalist approach, our Wire Glide Blinds offer a neat look while delivering reliable sun protection. Manufactured to withstand Brisbane’s often harsh climate, these outdoor blinds feature quality fabric and a powder-coated system for longevity.

Zipscreen extreme

Designed for larger outdoor areas or commercial spaces, Zipscreen Extreme blinds offer enhanced durability with great quality fabrics and can cover greater spans, making them ideal for various applications.

Heavy duty channel

Our Heavy Duty Channel options are manufactured with quality fabric and provide the resilience you require without skimping on style for outdoor blinds that need to withstand more rigorous conditions.

Cord & pulley

Simple yet effective, Cord & Pulley outdoor blinds provide an economical and functional solution for basic shading needs. Operate these blinds with ease and benefit from their additional protective features.

Aluminium shutters

Sturdy, sleek, and stylish, our Aluminium Shutters give your outdoor room a contemporary edge while offering optimum protection and privacy. These are the perfect solution for those on a budget without compromising quality.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise Across the Spectrum

While we take pride in our extensive selection of quality outdoor blinds in Brisbane, we don’t stop there. Our comprehensive suite of offerings also extends to:

Explore our elegant solutions for complete light control and privacy indoors. We offer an amazing range of fabrics and styles to suit every room in Australia.

Our experts measure and install your blinds, ensuring they fit perfectly. Our blind installation in Brisbane transforms your outdoor and indoor spaces effortlessly.

Add a touch of classic elegance with our range of plantation shutters in Brisbane, crafted to the highest quality standards in Australia.

For a luxurious finish, consider our high-quality curtains. We offer a wide range of fabrics and styles to suit every budget.

Enhance your outdoor areas with our diverse range of awnings in Brisbane designed for sun protection and aesthetic appeal.

Modernise any room with the sleek design of our Roman blinds, offering both form and function.

Vertical blinds are practical and cost-effective for wide windows and sliding doors.

Experience the ultimate in light and privacy control with our Venetian blinds, a timeless classic that suits any room.

Custom blinds are tailored to your precise specifications for that perfect fit, making them a high-quality choice for any space. For those seeking the perfect fit for their local residences, our custom blinds for Brisbane homes provide various options tailored to the area’s needs.

Control light and privacy at the touch of a button with our motorised electric blinds in Brisbane, designed for easy operation and ultimate convenience.

For total darkness and ultimate privacy, consider our blockout blinds, designed to suit various needs and budgets.

Your Dream Outdoor Space Awaits

Breathe new life into your outdoor areas with Brisbane blinds. From patios to decks, our bespoke selection is tailored to meet your specific needs. Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while adding a layer of comfort and privacy to your home.

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Brisbane’s Premier Outdoor Blinds

Don’t settle for mediocrity; elevate your outdoor living experience with our high-quality blinds and shutters. Crafted for functionality and aesthetic appeal, our outdoor blinds are the perfect finishing touch for any Brisbane home.

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